How To Make A Simple Wall Shelf?

Learn how to make a simple wall shelf with these basic do-it-yourself tips.

How To Make A Simple Wall Shelf?
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Are you someone like me that likes to do things on your own?

Well, don’t feel left out, there are a whole bunch of people like us. It’s just about saving, we just love to create – Create things on our own.

Now these simple techniques will help someone who’s just starting out with simple DIY projects at home. Experienced ones can read it to, for fun you know.

What do you need to start making a simple wall shelf?

tools required for installing a shelf
  • Wooden Planks
  • Hole Driller (for wall and wood)
  • Screws
  • L Brackets (90 Degree Angle)
  • Hand Saw or Chain Saw (Not necessary)
  • Measuring Tape

Wooden planks are necessary, in case you trying to use old furniture then you will also need a saw to slice them in required measurements.

Hole driller is required, especially in the case of hard concrete walls. Alternatively, you get a jumper holder and bits to drill holes. It will take some elbow grease to make some holes in the walls. However, it is a much affordable option compared to an electric driller.

You will require different 2 different types of screws, one for the wood and other for the walls. The ones for the walls should be a lot stronger and slightly longer than the ones for the wood.

L Brackets come in different shapes and designs. Keep the area and available wooden planks in mind before buying one. In addition to that, what matters is what you intend to place on them. In case you would like to place plant pots, you would want to buy something that is stronger and can hold the weight. The same goes for the wooden planks too.

Hand Saw or Chain Saw is a must in case you plan to cut the wooden planks yourself. It won’t be necessary if you take precise measurements and purchase the wooden planks accordingly. Having said that, a saw will always come in handy in case something isn’t right. It’s worth the investment.

A measuring tape is a must, to ensure that everything stays in balance and perfect alignment.

Let’s make our first easy wall shelf.

One key rule to remember every time you get into anything related to carpentry or DIY projects. It is measure twice and cut once.

Keep all the tools readily available so that you have everything handy while making this simple wall shelf. We don’t want you running around to get the tools. Saves time, you see.


measuring wood for a simple and easy wall shelf

The length and width of the wall shelf will depend entirely on your personal preference. However, keep in mind the weight it’s going to carry and the aesthetics.

Measure the length of the plank corresponding to the L bracket to ensure that it fits snugly. You may want to leave a little extra on the length towards the front.

Mark the wall

mark the area before drilling for holes

Once you have identified the spot for the shelf, using the width of the plank and mark the area to drill holes. Have a third person take a look at it so that the alignment is straight. It saves time and the wall. You wouldn’t want to redo this again once you realize that the shelf isn’t straight.

In case you have a carpenter’s level, it will make you job a lot easier. Especially for someone doing this on their own.

Time for Drilling

drilling holes on wall for installing a wall shelf

Install the bracket with screws that are long enough to penetrate the wall stud by at least an inch or so. Do the same thing with the second bracket. In case you are using a jumper to drill the hole, ensure that the bit is placed firmly and you have a strong grip.

Remember to wear a protective eye gear or some form of eye glasses that will protect them from any dust that is raised during the process. An extra step towards will always keep you safe.

Final Step

placing plank on the bracket to install simple shelf.

Now drill the holes at the edges of the plank so that you can place them on top of the bracket and screw them tight. Here, if you are using the jumper, be extra gentle while drilling holes. The wood is much fragile when it deals with a sudden shock.

The key is to slowly but firmly hit the jumper with a hamper that the hole is dug gradually. Keep the force consistent and firm. this will avoid any cracks or breakage of the wood.

Place the shelf on the support brackets. Use short screws to secure the shelf to the brackets and see that it fits well. Take a final look, see if it’s sturdy and ready to go.

Let’s End it Here

I can’t emphasize enough to get the measurements very precise, whether you do it or get from the store. It saves so much time and effort, in addition, it saves you from unwanted wastage of resources.

Now what are you waiting for go ahead and start you first project. Oh yes, let us know in the comments in case you have done something like and how it went. Any additional tips will always be valuable for our DIY community.

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